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Starting a new workout routine can be exciting. You have your goals fixed in your mind and can visualise the end results. But is boxing really for you?

The short answer is Yes. Boxing for Fitness is for everyone. It can be as intense as you want creating both an amazing cardio workout, as well as a complete body toning routine.

To see if its right for you, trial your first class on us.

Here are some answer to the questions we get asked most often.

Isn’t boxing about violence?

At Kofit, we use boxing to enhance your health and wellbeing. There is no getting in the ring and knocking 10 bells out of each other. It is about fitness, confidence, and wellbeing. We use punching bags and pads, so you are not aiming to physically fight each other. This is purely about fitness.

What if I have a lot of weight to lose?

A Kofit Boxing for Fitness Routine is not only a great way to kickstart your metabolism to begin that weight loss routine, but it helps build strength by toning muscle in the process. If weight loss is your goal, this is an excellent way to achieve that.

But I haven’t exercised in years – will I be able to keep up?

Like any exercise routine, you have to start somewhere. Boxing is an excellent cardiovascular exercise, and you will be amazed at how quickly you will see an improvement. Yes, you will be out of breath at the end of the class but keep your goals in mind as you edge closer to them.

My son/daughter has shown an interest in boxing but I’m not sure…

KO Kids is a fantastic way to encourage focus in children and the class is completely Non Contact. It is not about swinging their arms around and seeing where they land. We teach a controlled boxing routine with real boxing moves as a professional would use. They learn to have respect for each other and gain an understanding of what is acceptable. We have 2 kids classes based on their ages. Age 5 -10 and age 11-15. If you have any other concerns, feel free to contact us and have a chat. 

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